19 апреля 2015
12:00 –13:00
Челябинск, гостиница Виктория
Математическое обоснование SOID принципов
Видео и слайды доклада Тюменцева Евгения на 10-ой конференции DotNetConf
О докладе
Art of Negotiating is a business seminar about how to upbuild a strategy of negotiating, deliver confident speech and draw attention to your project. It helps to train oratorical speech, self confidence and competent speech.
Доклад предназначен:
Покажет новый взгляд на SOLID принципы и сферу их применения.
Демонстрирует глубокую связь между языками программирования и математической логикой.
Главные темы доклада
Логика Хоара
Система аксиом логики Хоара
Individual Approach
How to prepare for conversation and be on the same wavelength with an interlocutor.
Preparation reciepes
How to be in best condition and create a straight strategy for successful negotiating.
Most often caveats
Learn about specifics of talking to different kinds of people. Learn specifics of environment or weather influence and psychological specifics.
January 15, Tuesday
Renold Hall, 78 Sackville St, Manchester
The conference hall is located near the main square, there is a free parking on the territory
Registration for the seminar
January 15, Tuesday | 17:00 –19:00
+337 462 188 234 22
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