Hello World! Technologies (HWdTech)
How do we do UI/UX design
We think over and design convenient user interfaces. We create design concepts for ideas for startups and mobile applications based on research, data analysis and testing.
Why do you need UI/UX design?
UI (User Interface) is a stylish visual solution for your application, UX (User Experience) is the logical placement of application components for maximum user comfort. Why do you need this? A convenient user interface will increase loyalty to your product, increase traffic, form a company's identity and create the desired product image for the user.
How will we work with you?
How many steps we have to go together. Discussion and agreement at all stages of work is an integral part of the process.
User research
We define the real task of the project.
Defining the user journey map
Highlighting useful functionality and content types.
We develop information architecture
Our task is to develop an informational interface design and navigation.
Visual design
We choose a style and color solution based on our tasks and design trends.
What we can do?
We will help you realize your own uniqueness!
Mobile app design
Website design
Web and desktop application design
User interface development
About our project "Agroved"
Get to know our work on the example of a real project - an agronavigator created from scratch.
Formulation of the problem
The agronavigator has much more tasks than simple orientation. The most important thing is to display the processed area of the field, taking into account gaps and overlaps and fixing many parameters. To display all this, a lot of functionality was assumed, which needed to be correctly placed in the interface, and of course so that the user could navigate in it right in the field, driving harvester.
Beginning of work
The main screen of the "agronavigator" type application is the so-called "working mode". Basically, it is similar to a normal navigator. Discussion of references and a more detailed clarification of the customer's requirements regarding the functionality led to the decision to implement a dark theme in the interface, to try to make it as simple and modern as possible - minimalism, flat design, simple fonts, contrasting, but calm colors.
Unbelievable, but it is a fact
And this is how the very first version of the design of the working mode looked like when we just started working and discussed the functionality. Do you feel the difference? The client and I have come a long way together and have done an interesting job.
Elements of the "spaceship"
It has already been said that the functionality of the application added some resemblance to the harvester to a spaceship. We have implemented many possibilities: a drop-down menu in the operating mode, viewing the "operation report", selecting a mode, setting the unit, an infinitely long frame of all kinds of settings, and much more.
Our solutions
One of the most important decisions is, in fact, large "lightweight" buttons (due to the lack of fill in them, except for translucent elements). For switches - the simplest shapes and contrasting colors, no complicated geometry. Throughout the application, we first of all try to show the user where and how he can operate, and secondly, to make it look stylish and minimalist. We are proud of how the functionality that sets the parameters of the unit is implemented.
Better to see more with your own eyes, right?
A small selection of our works in a simple and understandable gallery form.
Thanks for attention!
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